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WORKS: Video & Installations

Tennessee Waltz
Tennessee Waltz - Galleri QB (Norwegian)
Excerpt from the video:
Ice Houses

Video tiles, Interactive installation, cold/warm, inside/outside.

Left house covered with ice on the outside, and the right house covered by ice on the inside.

Orgon Houses​

"Orgon House", inspired by the psychotherapeut Wilhelm Reich's orgon theories.

Built up scientifically of organic and non-organic materials.

Petrified Video

Video installation, Tafjord, Norway.

8 monitors with speakers placed in an ancient rock avalanche in Tafjord.

The monitors shows interviews with Nam June Paik, Holly Solomon, Per Hovdenakk and others discussing Marianne Heske's artwork.

Video Dialog

The concept of art - a measuring tape or an elastic rubber band?

Interactive video installation.

Voyage Pittoresque

A travelling voyage.

Mixed media video installation.

Video - Voyage Pittoresque