WORKS: Doll Heads

Global Groove
Nature Morte

250 doll heads carved in precious stones in Zimbabwe, projected by a blue butterfly.

China from China

2000 white porcelain doll heads and small mirrors collected in a mass like an avalanche.

Hoder 2.jpg
Gordian Knot

250 gold and silver plated doll heads and cameras hanging in a chain necklace from the ceiling entangled in a huge Gordian Knot.


A collection of doll heads made in different materials from different countries; silver and gold plate from Nepal, precious stones carved in Zimbabwe, crystal heads from Norway, white porcelain doll heads from China etc.

Take Off

LED-light installation with doll head in jade.

With and about people

100 dias

Real Unreal

Video still from the series "All the World's a Stage".